Studio 27 was born from the passion for footwear and the search for materials that make each piece unique. The details of a shoe can tell a story, describe the personality of the wearer, enhance its beauty.

Studio 27 is a creative laboratory, a project that wants to give a soul to shoes, bags and accessories, thanks to the quality of Made in Italy and the skill of the master craftsmen. We choose unique pieces as if we were buying them for ourselves and we want to convey the passion with which we select them to those who come to the boutiques. In a world where everyone has everything for us, it is important to have interesting topics to share, which convey the value of a product and the emotions it can create. Buying from us is a 360-degree experience, because we don’t just deal with sales: Studio 27 provides services, personalizes, tells, creates and transmits emotions related to special and quality products.

Canon 5D Mark IV + 100 mm F4 

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Tecnoprint - Ricoh

We support business growth by optimizing costs and increasing productivity.

Ricoh Corporate Partner since 1982 our mission has always been to innovate and aim at a cost reduction guaranteed the maximum reliability of each application for this reason we are a reliable partner, able to develop targeted projects tailored to our customers with the the sole objective of obtaining concrete results. In the selection phase we follow the customer advising him in the most appropriate choice among the various solutions on the market and inherent to his needs.

Canon 5D Mark IV + 24/70 mm F2.8 

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Legal Tax

STUDIO LEGAL TAX represents for its customers a point of reference, able to ensure a coordinated and integrated management of all the multiple aspects, legal and tax, of the same corporate transaction. 

The long experience in the field makes the STUDIO LEGAL TAX the ideal reference point for companies that need careful planning of corporate relations and with the taxman. Our team of professionals boasts excellent training in the fields of law and economics, thus ensuring the highest level of assistance and
consultancy, proposing the integration of the multiple aspects, legal and tax, inherent to the same transaction.

Sony A7 III + 28/75 mm F2.8 + 70/180 mm F2.8 

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