They are a Spanish company based in Madrid, Spain, specializing in the production of wireless EMS electrostimulation and FMS electromagnetism devices. The company, created in 2014, is now present in more than 60 countries. Today, the expansion of this innovative technology continues, and is increasingly widespread worldwide. They have distributors spread over 5 continents to offer a better service to they customers.

They have established ourselves worldwide as one of the best brands in the field of electrostimulation thanks to all our products: emotion, i-shape, EMS isculpt, FMS i-homefit.

Phi Green

Phi, like the Greek letter used for the golden number, which seems to be present in every aspect of the world. The relationship between the length of our arm and the forearm is a golden ratio, as well as the relationship between the phalanges of the middle and ring fingers or the position of the mouth with respect to the chin and eyes of the people we consider “objectively beautiful”.

Ao street food

The “on the road” activity begins aboard a 1976 FORD TRANSIT, where excellent quality Street Food is prepared with exclusively fresh and selected products from important farms and farms in southern Lazio.  Quality that allows us to participate in the most important street food events in almost the entire peninsula, and allows us to be selected for events of both national and international importance.

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