The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery.

Far but close.

The world is suspended and the pandemic is widespread...

Everything is confused and almost surreal, yet art and the desire to return to appreciate the little things, the small gestures that make life our only one is emerging from this darkness...The hope is that once this pain is over, everyone kept being born stronger than before and above all more aware. 

Aware of what we have, of our planet that continues to change and that we must take care of, the people we love and often forget to show them. Aware of ourselves...We must strive now more than ever to listen to ourselves and to improve ourselves because only in this way, when we can go back to embracing each other together, will we be truly free...
Words by Chiara Famooss Paolini

“You will still be my shoulder
on which to rest the thoughts.
You'll still be the perfect fit
my sensitivity.
It will not be COVID19
to divide us. Let's stay united ’’

“Let's hold on tighteven from a distance.Don't leave my hand in thisnight without light.Breathe my breath that thiswe get through it together. "

'' We are perhaps more fragile than others.But we got here, in the endwith a smile.We will also get over this aswe always did: hold onein the other. "

“Written words have this
power: they can carry far.
Far from all this chaos,
from all this confusion.
The books saved me once.
They'll save me too. “

"You are always here, Above me,beside him, in his arms, leaningon the shoulder.You purr me and you don't leave me alone.You remind me how beautiful they arethe small daily gestures,in spite of everything''

“Let's get strengthand all this will pass.We hold on that sooner or later thesun will shine againon our heads.We remain united that thishistory is ours alone. "

Friends look like a cartoon

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.

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